Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chico Bags - Reusable Shopping Bags on a Keychain

Every once in a while I come across a product so terrific, I have to recommend it to my readers and I think everybody's going to love Chico Bags.

So what is a Chico Bag? It's an easy to use, convenient reusable shopping bag. This one is feather light nylon fabric but it holds up to 20lbs of groceries. What makes the Chico Bag so unique is it folds up neatly into it's own sewn in little bag, conventiently hooked to a key chain. This tiny bag is about the size of your cell phone.

You can always have a few Chico bags stuffed into your purse, pocket or hooked to your keychain.

One problem with most reusable bags is that you have to remember to take them to the store. With the Chico Bag, it can always be right there with you folded into it's own tiny bag. These reusable shopping bags are also completely washable so tiny spills don't matter.

Recently we went to my stepdaughter's destination wedding in Cancun. She is from Chico, CA and one of the items she put into everybody's Out of Town Gift Bag was a Chico Bag. We all loved them! In fact, I ordered a few more.

Recently we went to Central Market and had a basket full of grocery items. I handed 2 Chico Bags to the girl who was bagging up our things and all but 2 loaves of bread fit into the Chico Bags. We had some fairly heavy things too. I was very impressed.

If you'd like to order some Chico Bags, carries them, three for $24. They come in a set of three colors. Click on any of the links below and search for "Chico Bags".

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