Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Realize Your Dreams! - Get a Free Ebook on Vision Board Fundamentals

Ever since I saw the movie, The Secret, I've had my own vision board. It sits on the shelf beside my computer so I can see it all the time. I decided recently to move into the 21st century of vision boards and started using Orange Peel, some terrific vision board software.
Recently, Orange Peel put out a free eBook on the fundamentals of creating a vision board. They received many requests for more background info on this topic to, using their extensive knowledge of vision boards, they created this informative guide to visualization "Vision Board Fundamentals".
This back-to-basics guide extensively describes the simple steps of creating a Vision Board and explains why these steps are so important. The book comes complete with insightful exercises, getting you into action as you read. Vision Board Fundamentals is designed to complement the OrangePeel Vision Board software (which is amazing by the way), but you can use its teachings to create any kind of Vision Board for yourselves.
The best part is that they are offering it for FREE so as many people as possible can benefit from it!! I downloaded it myself, and it is great. Finally some easy to read, step by step instructions on creating a Vision Board from scratch. I read ideas and tips I haven't come across anywhere else.
I strongly recommend to find out more about downloading the eBook, just click here for more information.
Orange Peel has also created VisionLounge, an empowering community of people with a common goal to achieve their Goals and Dreams, sharing a Journey and inspiring others in the process.
You know, when you have a big Vision, it is easy to get discouraged by negative, "realistic" people around you. I know I have experienced that myself and I sometimes find it challenging to keep motivated to achieve my Goals amongst those people. This exciting new community VisionLounge offers you an empowering environment to learn, grow and be inspired in your journey and connect with people who are visioneers like you and me.

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