Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Network Marketing Ebook - Blog Your Brand

My good friend and network marketing mentor, Andrea Goodsaid, has written a terrific rebrandable ebook to help you begin your network marketing efforts. This ebook gives step by step directions on how to build an online presence.

Some of the basics include:
  • Why you want to brand yourself, not your business
  • Why a replicator site will only brand your company, NOT you
  • What the heck is attraction marketing?
Next comes the nuts and bolts. Some of these things I've done, like a creating a website and blog and joining social networks. However, it was perfect for the next step in my evolution, creating a new Wordpress self hosted blog. This will allow me greater freedom to create just the blog I want for my newest business venture.

Blog Your Brand also includes great resources. I'm already a member of Renegade Network Marketers but I've also joined My MLM TookKit after reading Blog Your Brand, so I can take advantage of the free domain name and hosting offered.

Get your free copy of Blog Your Brand

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