Saturday, September 12, 2009

100 Healthy Living Tips - #4 Create a Vision Board

One of the best good health tips is to create a vision board. No matter what your goal, losing weight, eating more veggies, being physically fit, a vision board helps you to achieve it. The act of creating a vision board makes the goal firm in your mind and if you put it someplace where you see it many times each day, it will keep health goals fresh and help you believe you will achieve it.

Creating a vision board is easy. I purchased a cork bulletin board for a few dollars and it is on the wall directly above my computer where I look at it many times each day. I cut out pictures, wrote sayings on 3/5 cards and pinned visual aids to remind me of my goals.

To remind yourself of you own health and fitness tips, cut out pictures of whatever your goals are. Put up photos of men or women working out, glasses of water if you want to remember to drink more water, a photo of a scale at the weight you want to be, or a big delicious salad. Write down inspirational sayings to keep you motivated during your quest for better health.

John Assaraf, one of the teachers on the movie The Secret, recommends creating vision boards to achieve your goals. He even tells a story in the movie about how a vision board helped him find the home of his dreams. He's come up with a complete vision board kit to help you achieve your goals.

You can use vision boards, not only for health and fitness, but for any goal you may have. My own vision board holds a picture of a log home in the country and an RV as my husband and I hope to purchase one soon and travel. One saying I have posted on my vision board is "You attract what you ARE, not what you want." So, every day I try to be all the things I want to attract for that day - prosperous, calm and positive.

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