Tuesday, September 8, 2009

100 Healthy Living Tips - #1 - Spark People

Learn how to be healthy by following my daily health tips for the next 100 days. Starting today, I will add one new good health tip each day. Read along and make each of these health and fitness tips a new healthy habit. Creating a healthy living program doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Simply by adding one new good health habit to your lifestyle each day, you'll be healthier by the New Year!

The first of my daily health tips, to get you off to a motivated start, is to join Spark People.

Spark People is a terrific FREE healthy living website that lets you create your own page, enter goals in either weightloss or fitness (or both) and track them, with help from Spark People. You'll find a daily calorie counter, a daily exercise tracker, fitness videos, daily recipes and daily exercises to keep you motivated.

You'll also find a great healthy living community and message board so you can make friends, ask questions or get motivated to live a healthier life. If you'd like a buddy to help you, so you can help each other, you can find one here.

I just signed up for Spark People today and was amazed at all the free information this website has to offer. I've been on a quest to lose that last stubborn 10 pounds and I think using the tools here will help me reach my weightloss goals.

So for the next 100 days, follow along with our health and fitness tips. Learning how to be healthy can be fun as you embrace small changes, make them part of your life and see the rewards in increased energy and vitality, a slimmer, more youthful body - no matter what your age!

Tomorrow's healthy living tip - Eat this snack to help with weightloss, lower cholesterol and add a powerhouse of nutrition to your daily diet.

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