Thursday, November 5, 2009

Delicious Holiday Idea - Chocolate Gift Baskets by Intentional Chocolate

Do you have a chocolate lover on your holiday gift list? I only recently discovered Intentional Chocolate's chocolate gift baskets and they are really something special in the way of healthy dark chocolate. Intentional Chocolate is made from organic, pure Hawaiian chocolate infused with spiritual energy from experienced meditators who learned from the Dalai Lama himself.

I love the idea of not only giving healthy dark chocolate as a gift but also chocolate which brings loving, peaceful energy and a sense of well-being to the recipient. One reason I love dark chocolate so much is that it's one delicious treat that is actually good for you and Intentional Chocolate brings an extra element of positive energy with it.

Intentional Chocolate's organic chocolate gift basket is filled with Dark and Milk Chocolate Pistols, Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate Goji Berries and more.

If you'd like to support a company which is trying to spread positive energy in the world, shop Intentional Chocolate this year.

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