Monday, December 21, 2009

100 Healthy Living Tips #17 - How to Declutter Your Life

This fall I decided to declutter my life and my New Year's Resolution is to finish the job. Removing and organizing the clutter in your home or office helps you to take charge of your life and clear your mind and focus on the most essential things.

Looking around you and seeing junk, clutter and a disorganized mess keeps your mind in a constant state of turmoil as well. The best way to get to what's most basic and important in your life is to remove everything that isn't basic and important. If you believe in the law of attraction, what would you rather attract? More clutter or an organized, simplified life?

If you need help decluttering your life, you might want to begin by reading Clean Sweep: The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering, Detoxing, and Destressing Your Home, which gives you a plan for turning every room in your house into a sanctuary of comfort and simplicity, with special green living and cleaning tips.

How I Decluttered My Life

1. I started the decluttering process weeks ago by cleaning out a couple of junk drawers each week. We all have them and sometimes it's a drawer I haven't looked into in months or even years! Do I really need all that stuff? Have I used it lately? I cleaned out my closet too, sorting through clothes giving a bunch of them away. One wonderful way to get good energy flowing into your life is to create room for it by giving things away.

2. Next, I cleaned my carpets. The reason I did this as one of the first jobswas that I had to move everything in the room to use the carpet cleaner and then move it back.

3.  Before I moved anything back where I had it, I asked myself "Do I really need this item?" The things I didn't need went into the give-away pile. You could also start a garage sale pile if you are so inclined.

4.  Also, before putting items back where they were, I made changes in furniture and knick knacks to give everything a fresh look. I looked for ways to better use the furniture, organizers and bookcases I had to help me organize and simplify.

5.  I was very severe with myself on throwing away old magazines (make a folder of any articles you want to save and label them as to topic) and organized important papers. Buy organizers or shelves as you need them to help you find a place for everything.

6.  In my case, I decided to buy a larger desk to give me more workspace. I've been cramped up on a small computer desk for 5 years and I'm relishing the great expance of desk around me.

Simplifying your life and getting rid of clutter can have an energizing effect on your life. What are your dreams and goals, what do you want to accomplish? Decluttering your environment helps you to focus on what's truly important and saves you time. AND decluttering your life helps you to feel really proud of yourself because you aren't looking with guilt at all the organizing you wish you had time to do.

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