Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Losing Weight Your New Year's Resolution? Begin with Detoxing for Weightloss

The Number One New Year's Resolution is losing weight - which is no surprise! If you're like me, you probably spent the holidays sampling too many Christmas cookies and enjoying those big holiday meals. Instead of waiting for New Year's day set your weightloss program in motion, planning now.

During the holidays, we overdose on sugar, carbohydrates and too much food in general, then we get too busy to exercise and burn it off. By New Year's Day, our body feels slow, bloated and sluggish. The best way to start off a healthy weightloss program is by cleansing all these unwanted things from our bodies. Detoxing helps you get rid of the excesses quickly, which helps us lose weight and feel more energetic.

To assist me in my New Year's Weightloss Resolution, I drink Calli Tea for it's gentle cleansing effects. My body feels lighter and I have more energy and I just feel --healthier. It gets my weightloss program off to a great start in January. Send for my free Calli Tea report and get special pricing information for the New Year.

Want to try Calli Tea but don't want an entire box of 60? New pricing info includes options to buy Calli Tea in qualtities of 10, 20 or 30 teabags too.

More information on detoxing and weightloss. 

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