Monday, February 28, 2011

The Healing Codes by Alex Loyd - An Update

Recently I received this email update about The Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd and since I am a big proponent of energy medicine and The Healing Codes, I wanted to share his message with you.If you haven't read the Healing Codes and tried this technique, now is the time to read what others are saying about it.

Dr. Loyd wrote:

"The Healing Code" book has already achieved #1 on Amazon - we are told this has never happened before with an energy medicine book. This was when it was a self-published book (which almost all energy medicine
books are, because they do NOT become bestsellers). Then the book was picked up by a top 5 New York publisher - Hachette (formerly Time/Warner). They said they believe the book could become a
mainstream bestseller. So, they made it a "lead" book (there are only about 13 non-fiction lead books per year). You can find it right now at the front table in most major bookstores (not just in its section)
- like Barnes & Noble, borders, Sam's, etc.

Now, we are going after the New York Times - which we are told has also never happened before for an energy medicine book.

And it is working! In the last 2 weeks the healing code book and I have been featured live on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and PBS television news programs - Lots of them. We have been on many radio programs all over the world. The book is being printed in 12 other countries and 10 other languages, as we speak - also unprecedented for an energy medicine book. By the way, these have all been positive interviews  -
100%. They have advised people, live on the news, to get the book and start healing those source issues.
He continues:

Something is on the verge of happening that has been predicted for more than 100 years by many of the greatest minds of our time - and IT'S WONDERFUL!

This event would be a major positive shift that would benefit the world as a whole, families, schools, and individuals.

We are asking for your help to push it over the top. So, what is it?

We are told by experts that there has never been an energy medicine book that has gone mainstream in a major way - NEVER! Even though energy medicine predates standard allopathic medicine, it has not been
able able to break into the mainstream of America, even though it has in other countries of the world. This all started with Albert Einstein in 1905 (theory of relativity - e=mc2), and has been proven, validated, and predicted by many of the greatest minds of all time.

A few are:

All Matter is Energy!
      Albert Einstein

Future Medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body!
      Professor William Tiller - Stanford

The energy field starts it all!
      Professor Harold Burr, PhD, Yale University

Body Chemistry is governed by Quantum cellular fields!
      Professor Murray Gell Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford

Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented by energy field assessment!
      George Crile, Sr. M.D. Founder of the famous Cleveland Clinic

etc., etc., etc.

The latest brave pioneer is Dr. Oz, who in 2007 stated that Energy Medicine is the "Last big frontier in medicine".

This shift has been occuring and building like a tidal wave for about 3 decades now. We believe it is about ready to crest. The significance of this is not small - it is treating issues at their source vs. working on symptoms.

This shift is not about The Healing Code. There are many wonderful modalities all over the world that have helped millions of people for many years. EFT, TFT, Matrix, Holosync, etc., just to name a few. We
are honored to play a small part in this emerging paradigm shift for the good of mankind. This is our mission.

When Hope and I suffered and struggled to find a cure for her illness, we tried so many things, and spent more than $100,000 cash out of our pockets. We want to help others who were struggling the way
we did, or will in the future. Thats why we wrote the book in the first place - to get this technology in the hands of as many people as possible, for as little money as possible.

We believe we may have an opportunity to open a door that has been long shut - and many wonderful energy medicine modalities can walk through with us. With all the negatives in the world, this would be a
gigantic positive.

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! One of the easiest things to do, is ask people to go to - not to buy the book - just to read the reviews. Amazon is the largest book blog in the world. People from all
over the world go there to post their honest opinion of a book.

There are many stories of healing posted there from people like you and me. That's what it's all about. There is a Rabbi from Jerusalem who posted a review of several healing's that occured after he found
the book, tried it on himself, and then started doing it on others - in Jerusalem.

We were contacted recently by another validated case of ALS healing. The person got the book, did it, and the ALS healed. We are told that the M.D. came in crying to tell the person that the ALS was gone, and
that the daughter is now writing a book about it. You will find Big things, little things, and about everything in-between on that Amazon site.

Let people know that THERE IS NOW ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE - MAYBE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE, and it has just hit the mainstream for the first time!

Well, that's it. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


Dr. Alex Loyd

So, I am helping Dr. Loyd spread the word on The Healing Codes, which is also available on for Kindle.

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