Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost 2 Inches off My Waist Using the 10 Minute Trainer

Tony Horton's 10 MINUTE TRAINER 5 Workouts SET - Includes Resistance Band and Other ExtrasI've been using the 10 Minute Trainer by Beach Body for about 3 weeks now, doing one 10 minute workout per day and I've lost 2 inches off my waist and one inch off my hips! The 10 minute workout sessions don't take up much time out of my day and have been very convenient in my busy schedule.

I've also lost 8 pounds since I started drinking Shakeology daily as my noon meal, adding about 15 minutes a day to my daily walk and working with the 10 Minute Trainer and the Slim in 6 program.

Last year, I turned 60 years old and I decided if I was ever going to slim down again, once and for all, I'd better get started. Beach Body's Wowy Supergym, weightloss and nutritional tools and their programs and products have given me the inspiration and motivation I needed to finally succeed in my fitness goals.

Up until about 6 years ago, I consistently weighted about 135 pounds and wore a size 8 clothes. The past 6 years though, the pounds and inches crept up. When I started the Beach Body program I weighed 155 and my waist was 36 inches. Now I weigh 147 and my waist is 34 inches. My size 10 jeans are fitting much better than they did and my belly is much flatter.

You can sign up for the Wowy Supergym by clicking here. The basic Membership is free and with the free membership you get newsletters with lots of fitness and weightloss tools and tips, recipes and more. You also can schedule your workouts and track your fitness goals, use the meal planning and recipe section of the Beach Body website and join the community forums.

If you'd like to try for the 10 Minute Trainer you can find it here on Amazon.

I'm hoping that my own fitness journey will help others to achieve their own goals. If you would like to lose some inches, I highly recommend the 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton. Those 10 minutes a day can help motivate you to make changes in the rest of your day in the way you eat and exercise.

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