Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoid Chemicals with this Homade Hairspray Recipe

I have been trying to cut the toxic chemicals from my body care products and always thought a recipe for homemade hairspray might be hard to find. Since I live in windy north Texas and have very fine hair, hairspray is one thing I can't do without (deodorant being the other thing that's hard to do without no matter how toxic it is.)

Homemade hairspray is actually easy and inexpensive to make. The only downside is that it only keeps about 2 weeks in the frig. However, it is chemical free and it holds the hair in place so is worth the trouble.

I found several homemade hairspray recipes and the basics are these:


2 cups water
2 fresh lemons or oranges - preferably organic if you really want to avoid toxins

Directions for hair spray

Bring water to a boil. Allow it to boil for one minute to sterilize the water. This helps your homemade hairspray last longer.

While water is coming to a boil, peel lemons or oranges if you are not using organic and cut them into wedges. If you are using organic fruit, you can cut them up, peel and all to put into the recipe.

Allow water to boil for one minute and then lower heat to a simmer.

Add your lemon or orange chunks and simmer until fruit is soft and water is reduced by half.

Strain out fruit and pour liquid into a spray bottle. Save an old hairspray bottle that gives off a fine spray.

If you store your hairspray in the frig, you won't need to add alcohol, which can dry hair. If you do need to add a little alcohol, use SD alcohol, which is a type of denatured alcohol, which isn't so drying.

Shake well before using and store in the frig for up to two to three weeks.

Another homemade hairspray recipe I found uses only sugar and water. Find it here at dkMommy.

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