Friday, December 2, 2011

Benefits of Glutamine

If you're a body builder, you probably know the benefits of glutamine but did you know that it's also a great supplement for those of us who aren't body builders. Glutamine also offers benefits to people suffering from certain health conditions, such as autoimmune disorders because it helps to repair "leaky gut syndrome" which often occurs in autoimmune.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid and it does indeed build muscle but it also helps build the immune system, increase our digestive efficiency (which leads to using the nutrients in your food more efficiently), and improve kidney function. Improving memory and brain function are also benefits of using L-glutamine.

My husband has been taking glutamine for several months for an autoimmune disorder and he has gained muscle mass even though he isn't really working out. He also has reported that the aches and pains in his joints have diminished as well. His digestion has improved so we are hoping his leaky gut syndrome is healing as well.

 My husband takes his glutamine daily in grapefruit juice with some tart cherry juice mixed in. Tartcherry juice also benefits joint pain. 

I also watch Dr. Oz every afternoon for the great health tips he provides and he recommended adding glutamine to juice or a smoothie for added energy, instead of drinking energy drinks which are loaded with sugar and caffeine.

If you like smoothies, you can also add glutamine to your morning smoothie to enjoy its benefits. Otherwise take in juice or water once a day. 

L-Glutamine Dosage and Side Effects

Glutamine dosage is 4,500 mg per day and no side effects have been reported at the proper dosage. When people exceed the recommended dosage of L-glutamine, they have reported digestive upsets and even more serious such as elevated liver enzymes or aggravation of bi-polar disorder, if you have this condition. 

L-Glutamine isn't recommended for pregnant or nursing women either as any possible side effects are unknown. 

If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, you probably do have leaky gut syndrome where your intestines become permeable and food particles leak out into your body's systems. Thinking this food is a toxin and a foreign object in the body, the body attacks it, causing severe allergic reactions. The benefits of glutamine can help repair this damage.

You can purchase L-Glutamine and enjoy it's benefits from
BodyTech - Glutamine Powder Bt, 4500 mg, 16 oz powder is the glutamine product we use. Each teaspoon offers the recommended dosage.

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