Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get a Glass Pitcher to Replace Plastic

Glass pitchers in various sizes aren't easy to find, but I decided some time ago to replace my old plastic pitchers with glass for health and safety reasons. Unless you get a BPA free plastic pitcher, this toxic chemical can leach into the liquids you put into a plastic pitcher, plus after years of throwing this plastic into the dishwasher, even more chemicals leach out.

It's been several months since I threw out all my old plastic containers and bought glass ones for food storage but it was only recently that I decided my plasitc pitchers would have to go. Each morning I make a pitcher of healthful Calli tea and was putting it into a plastic container. The tea is warm to hot, which is probably even worse for leaching chemicals from the plastic.

I use pitchers for various other things besides my Calli Tea too-such as keeping green tea or Fortune Delight on hand in frig, for instance. Since glass is a healthier option than plastic, I purchased 3 one quart glass pitchers and one half gallon glass pitcher. This Frigoverre Glass Pitcher, One Liter, which is pictured, comes with a lid that screws down tightly to keep contents fresh and it's one that I can recommend highly for price and convenience. This Frigoverre glass pitcher is available from Amazon.com.

I love these little glass pitchers because they are nice heavy glass and the handle is sturdy and makes it easy to handle. The spout pours nicely and doesn't slop and spill.

As a 2 quart pitcher, I bought the Luminarc Quadro 2-Liter Glass Pitcher with Lid, which I like ok but not as much as the one liter Frigoverre. The indented handle isn't as easy to manage as the Frigoverre's handle and the lid doesn't screw in tightly, although it seems to be airtight as well. Two quart glass pitchers are more difficult to find than one quart.

With all the talk about how bad BPA is for our bodies, I think replacing plastic pitchers with glass pitchers is a smart move. It gets expensive to throw out all your plastic at once but purchase a little as you go and it's more affordable.

For my glass food storage containers, I purchased this  Rubbermaid 8-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set with Easy Find Lid, which Amazon also carries and it's filled all my container needs. I prefer glass pitchers and food storage containers because they are easy to clean and are much healthier than plastic. Replacing plastic in your food and beverage storage containers and pitchers would make a wonderful health resolution for the new year!

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