Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Prevent, or Possibly Cure Heart Disease

Is is possible to cure heart disease? Most of us know that a very healthy lifestyle can help prevent heart disease. In fact, heart disease is called a "lifestyle disease" because, even if you have genetic factors in your background, a healthy lifestyle can still keep you from getting heart disease.

Recently, I was told, despite living a very healthy life, that I had carotid artery disease. How could this happen when I exercise, eat right, and have low cholesterol and blood pressure? Plus, I have no family history of heart disease either.

I had a swelling in my neck and a Doppler of the area revealed "minimal" atherosclerosis.

A visit to a cardiologist helped to clarify the situation. He said that even though I'd lived a very healthy life for the past 10 years, plaque begins building up in the arteries in our late teens. My lifestyle choices had no doubt kept the plaque from getting worse.

He recommended just following up in a year or two but no medications. However, this episode led me to research heart disease a little more. I'd never felt I was at risk but now I was more interested.

What I found in my research is that many do think heart disease can be prevented certainly, but some think it can even be reversed once its established. Through diet, exercise, decreasing stress and different supplements, there are many things you can do, even if you've had a heart attack, have had heart surgery or are on various medications for heart disease.

I found a wonderful ebook, titled How to Prevent, or Even Cure Heart Disease, by cardiologist Robert D. Wilcox, Jr. Dr Wilcox was a conventional cardiac surgeon for 7 years but became discouraged with how little he saw conventional heart medicine really helping patients. He pioneered the use of alternative, natural treatments for heart disease and built a successful practice from this.

Dr. Wilcox explains in his ebook why diet and exercise is important and exactly what you should do. He also discusses different natural remedies for heart health and some that remove plaque from veins and explains the dosages he gives his own patients.

These remedies and natural solutions to heart disease are not expensive but your own cardiologist probably won't tell you about them, beyond the usual advice to improve diet and exercise habits. These natural remedies discussed in How to Prevent or Even Cure Heart Disease can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments as well and in fact, you should discuss them with your doctor if you have heart disease.

If you would like to prevent heart disease as you get older or if you already have heart disease, it's never too late to begin taking better care of yourself and being proactive about your health.


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Joan Jones said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I invite readers to check out your website. I'm always happy to link to sites about environmental concerns.

The little town where I grew up was known at "Tree City" since they planted so many trees around the area.

Healthy Eating said...

A person who wishes to attain fitness and Healthy Living should follow proper diet and exercise routines to ensure a balanced lifestyle.

Martin James said...

I do believe on what you said a healthy lifestyle can prevent you have a heart disease.

Now we're getting older and not younger so healthy foods and diet are now followed. I'm at the age of 27 and very conscious of my daily eating habit. And not the usually thing I'm doing before. I want to live long and be with my family and friends.