Monday, March 31, 2008

My Path to Healthy Living

I started on the Path to Healthier living about 15 years ago. I started my own home daycare and got a case of upset stomach and diarrhea that lasted for 6 weeks! Rather than take medicine, I decided to look for a natural remedy and that one search led me on a wonderful journey to more natural living.

The first natural remedy I learned about was ginger. I bought some ginger root, made tea out of it and drank about a quart of it a day. It cured my problem very quickly. I was hooked. I thought if something so safe and natural as ginger can work, then what other great remedies are out there?

I began making a study of vitamins, herbs and alternative medicine and I developed a passion for sharing what I'd learned so that other people could lead healthier lives too. After several years of studying physical health, I started reading books on spiritual health as well.

I've learned that 70-90% of how healthy we are is totally in our own hands. Genetics only plays a small part and can be overcome through healthy living. Good nutrtion, exercise, getting plenty of sleep, doing relaxation techniques to feel calm and at peace, all these things affect how healthy we are and how well we age.

Some of my favorite authors:

Dr. Andrew Weil-very practical and common sense, uses research, not fads to give advice. He has a wonderful book called "Healthy Aging" that everyone should read. The younger you are when you read it, the better.

Dr. Wayne Dyer-His books literally changed the way I look at life and death! If you have issues with your past, perhaps there are people in your life you can't forgive, or you have difficulty living in the moment, read Dyers book "10 Secrets for Inner Peace and Success" and "Being in Balance". He also has a new book that's great called "Change your thoughts and Change your life." Every book of his that I've read has helped me in some significant way.

Dr. Oz - One of my favorites. I'm now reading "You Staying Young" . It's witty, practical and very entertaining and understandable. Packed with terrific information on staying healthy.

Michael Lossier- The Law of Attracton- when I first started hearing about the law of attraction, I realized this the way I've always lived and what I believe in. We get more of what we think about-what we focus on is what grows-so be sure you are focuing on things that are good and pure and set aside negative feelings and ideas.

Things that have helped me most:

Simple deep breathing has taught me to relax and not take life so seriously.

Meditation-just 5-10 minutes of quiet time a day can work miracles.

exercise-I walk for 45-50 minute a day and have for many years.

Helping others-it takes my mind off myself and whatever problems I may think I have at the moment.

I believe we were put on earth to learn and grow and love others. Every day is a new experience to be treasured and enjoyed. By focusing on all that is good in my life, I have seen that goodness grow!

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