Monday, April 7, 2008

Do Organic Skin Care Products Make Sense?

Do you suffer from acne, skin irritations, rashes and redness? Is your skin dull and lack-luster or show premature wrinkling? Maybe organic skin care products can help.

Take a comparison test. Read the label of your current product or, better yet, check it on the Household Products Data Base.

Is there a long list of words you can't pronounce? Could these ingredients, which are absorbed into your skin and through your skin into your blood stream, be toxic or cause allergies and skin irritations? Here is a list of potentially toxic chemicals which are commonly added to skin and body care products.

Many of these ingredients are known to cause allergies, reproductive and neurological disorders and even cancer.

Compare these ingredients to a certified 100% organic skin care lotion:

Here you see such ingredients as organic aloe vera, shea butter and chamomile.

Which would you rather be putting on your skin?

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