Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Law of Attraction-What to to When You're Stuck!

Recently, I found myself sliding back into my old ways of negative thinking and felt that the Law of Attraction just wasn’t working for me very well. Certain areas of my life just didn’t seem to be going the way I wanted them to and I didn’t know what to do. What I wanted was some direction in what I should do with my life and it just wasn’t coming.

Then a couple weeks ago, I took a trip with my husband and daughter to Washington, DC. We live in Texas, and altho I spent quite a bit of time on the East Coast when I was younger, I hadn’t been there for 20 years. Let me add too, that we never take vacations that aren’t related to visiting relatives or going to softball tournaments.

While we were gone for those 6 days, I decided to put everything in my life on hold and just enjoy the moment - being with my husband and 21 year old daughter, seeing new sites (much had changed in DC since my last visit), having a great holiday with no cooking, no cleaning, no housework, no worries over jobs and “what should I do with my life?”

While we were gone, I decided that when I got home, I would start all over again at the beginning with the Law of Attraction. I got out books I’d read that inspired me, like some by Wayne Dyer, I bought his new book too on the TAO and also the Abraham Hicks new book on The Amazing Power of Emotions. I decided not to pressure myself anymore and just observe.

When I was walking my dogs one day, I started thinking about what my life was at this moment, what I’d wanted to manifest in my life. I discovered a strange thing - many of the things I’d wanted to manifest a few months ago had come into my life but not in a way I expected so I didn’t really recognize them.

My husband and I wanted to travel but of course, money is always an issue. Well, the cost of our trip to DC was greatly offset because my husband went there for his job. He had to go there for training and we went a few days early to see the sites. We also got a nice trip to Galveston this summer, all planned by my step daughter and in the form of a family reunion, where we all shared the cost, which again made the travel affordable.

I am a freelance writer and last fall lost a very lucrative contract. Since then, I’ve been looking for something to replace this and haven’t found it. However, on my list of “how I want to live my life” was doing something to help others, having time for contemplation, meditation and yoga, etc. Altho I haven’t gotten a “job of my dreams” the past few months, my husband had gotten 2 promotions at work which put extra money into our budget.

Also, our daughter is a college student. Although she pays for all tuition, etc herself with scholarships, we had been paying things like car insurance, groceries, etc. This summer she got a very well paying part time job (talk about using the Law of Attraction!) which pays her extremely well per project and it takes only a couple days to do each one. This freed up more money for our budget.

We are fortunate in that we don’t really have money issues - however, retirement is looming!

Anyway, I realized that I had manifested what I desired, only not in the typical form of finding a well paying job for myself. With the extra money in our budget, I am free to devote more time to projects of my own that -at the moment at least - aren’t earning much money. I am further developing my health website and also starting a new one on
eco-friendly living - a topic I feel is important. On our trip to DC, I also rediscovered my passion for history and am outlining a historical novel.

This has also freed up time to help my husband’s daughter with some babysitting for her one-year-old daughter. This beautiful little girl has greatly added to my life in many, many ways and I look forward to a long and cherished relationship with her and her 4 year old brother.

I guess what I wanted to express is that if you think the Law of Attraction isn’t working, step back and take an inventory of your life. Maybe some of your dreams have manifested but you didn’t recognize them for what they are because they didn’t come to you in a way you were expecting and anticipating.

I am now trying to follow advice given to me by a friend - That once you decide to follow your path to higher consciousness, then assume that everything that happens is part of your path. Instead of seeing problems, see opportunities.

Raise your vibration!

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Andrea Goodsaid said...

Hi Joan -

Maybe you've already heard me say this before -- it's something that has shaped my "who I am" from very very small...

I had a Great Uncle, his name was Stanley. He had a saying that if I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times -- so much so that it is part of the fiber of ME (talk about the power of words, huh?).

He said:

"Adventure is inconvenience rightly considered."

And you know what? I've always found that to be true -- for me anyway.

And I've had A LOT of adventure over the years ;-)

I'm enjoying your blog!