Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't Worry About the Economy!

Economic bad news seems to be all around us right now. How do you feel about the economy? Is your family personally hurting or have you found ways to cope? Do you feel like the economy is getting worse or do you think the media is magnifying the bad news?

What I believe is that if you worry over bad times, you are only creating more of that in your own life. You might say, "I have all these bills I can't pay and that's a FACT." "Everything is costing more and that's a FACT." How do you argue with FACTS?I believe that so called facts are only what you believe them to be and they are only true because you believe them to be true for you. These things may be a fact in some people's lives because they believe that is what they are stuck with but it doesn't have to be true for YOU.

The fact is, altho you may have bills you can't pay RIGHT NOW, it is not a fact that you are stuck with this as a truth unless you want it to be.

Sure, some things are costing more but some things are not costing more. Are there substitutions you can make to products that are less costly, say using store brands? Are you clipping coupons, shopping sales? The other day, I saved $20 at the grocery store with a combo of coupons and selecting certain products the store had on sale. The deal was, buy 10 of the sale items and get $5 off your grocery bill. Since these were products, I already use, I bought 20 items and saved $10 right there.

The fact is, there are always opportunities out there and some people do thrive in all sorts of economic times. Some jobs seem pretty recession proof. Fear freezes you into inaction, while proceeding with confidence in yourself and what can be true for you inspires all sorts of plans and ideas to create the life you want.

At any given moment, you are free to choose. Rather than worry and fret and fear the future, what if you just let that go? What if you decided to view the future with confidence? What if you proceeded "as if" the ideas, the money, the inspiration would all be there when you need it?

What would it cost you to see the future with a positive attitude? Can you let go of the fear or are you clinging to it? How is the fear helping you? Is it helping you?

Fear blocks creativity and puts negative energy into your life. Is that helping you?

Sometimes fear keeps you from running up credit cards or making a purchase you know you can't afford. However, you don't have t make those decisions out of fear. Why not say, "When the time is right, I will have the money for those things I want to purchase?" Just try to view it as a practical step to getting where you want to be, not as a decision inspired by fear.

If you let go of the fear and open yourself to new ideas, you may be amazed at what happens.

Perhaps you've had a dream that you put on the back burner and a way will suddenly come to you as to how you could accomplish it. Perhaps you'll stumble across a business or product you'd love to promote or be part of. Maybe you'll come up with an idea for a website or blog that could earn you money.

Here are some things you can do to help you let go of fear:

  • Turn your back on toxic conversations about the economy. Don't take part in the gloom and doom thinking.
  • Create a plan. Action and empowerment turn fears into positives. What things can you do to improve your situation?
  • Think about and focus on what is good in your life. Be grateful for what you have, no matter how small it may seem at the moment. Focus on the good and the good will grow in your life.
  • Visualize the life you want and return to that vision over and over through out the day. See it as real. Know that this is what your life will be.
  • Take the negatives out of your speech. Don't talk about the "bad" economy, don't complain, don't focus on those things. Instead, look for positives to focus on.
  • Try meditating to connect with your inner self. If you don't feel like you can meditate, at least steal 5 or 10 minutes per day to yourself to quiet your mind and focus on pleasant things.
  • Try deep breathing if you do feel fearful. Focus on relaxing your body and you mind.

Just remember, Whatever you focus on is what grows. What are you focusing on?

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