Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holy Tea Helped my Daughter's Stubborn Problem Skin

Dr Miller's Holy Tea - 1 Month SupplyI've been using Holy Tea for a while now for detoxing. I love it because it helps me keep my weight down, especially in the stomach area. I feel cleaner and lighter and more energetic.

I'd been trying to get my daughter to try Holy Tea for her skin. She plays sports at college and during the spring, when she is traveling with her team (who loves junk food and fast food) she has a hard time eating right and taking all her vitamins. Besides, when school is nearly out for the year, she is stressed with tests, etc too.

So, no matter how clean she keeps her skin, it's breaking out. I made her a gallon of Holy Tea a couple of weeks ago and sent it home with her so she could try it. After a few days, she told me she was feeling better. Less stressed, more energy and she was sleeping better too. When her week's supply of Holy Tea ran out, she wanted more.

It was sometime during the second batch of Holy Tea that she told me her face looked like it was clearing up. When I saw her, I noticed it. Then she said her friends were even noticing that her skin looked clear and smooth.

I guess she's hooked now. Holy Tea is a safe, natural detox tea that is for continued use. It's made from all natural ingredients and is very gentle - but effective.

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