Monday, April 14, 2008

How do you Create Health if You're Sick?

It's one thing to do what you can to be healthy if you don't have any real health problems but what about if you have a serious illness or disease?

About a year ago, I noticed some strange tingling sensations in my body. I'd had restless leg syndrome for a long time but it got worse. All of a sudden, I was having strange symptoms. I started researching...This couldn't happen to me, I thought, I'm SO healthy.

All the research I did pointed me to very dire things like MS, for instance. I read some forums and discovered many had strange, unaccounted for symptoms. Was I destined to wander in forum hell, discussing my sorry symptoms, looking for a "cure?"

What I discovered is that there is a terrible trap out there waiting to grab the unwary. You research an illness or disease and suddenly you find yourself wanting to join a support group, you want to be one of and identify with, those who suffer as you do. You can pick up the cloak of this disease and wear it proudly.

Did I want to do that? I almost did it, tell you the truth. But I caught myself in time.

There is a book called The Science of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles. (click on the link for the free ebook) Wattles also wrote the book, The Science of Being Rich, which was one of the books the Secret was based on.

In this book he says, to be well, think health! If you have an illness or disease, don't think about it, don't talk about it, don't focus on it. Only let thoughts of health enter your mind, no matter what "reality" tells you.

He also recommends not going to a doctor, which I do not recommend however. My first practical step toward health was to visit a neurologist. He did some tests and informed me he had no idea what was causing my symptoms but I didn't have any of the serious things on the list. He said he could give me medication to dull the symptoms but he admitted no medication would "cure" me, only cover the symptoms.

At one point, I did decided to try his medication but guess what? It didn't do a thing. After 3 weeks he told me we could try other meds or just learn to live with it.

That was fine with me. I decided to see what I could do to heal myself and I never went back to him.

So what have I done? I decided to follow Wattles' advice. Except for telling my story here, I don't think about it, don't talk about it, don't focus on it. I feel great! I'm never sick, never worried about my health, never dreading the future and getting old and incapacitated. Has this worked? You bet it does!

This week I had two more big examples of just what it takes to improve a deadly health problem. About 3 years ago, my father, who is otherwise in good health for someone 84 years old, was told he had a cancer of the blood. This cancer is caused by the bone marrow no longer producing the platelets to clot the blood. The usual progression is low energy, bruising all over the body and eventually needing weekly blood transfusions.

My mom has always been very proactive when it comes to health. She asks me to research any and all health issues that come up and they try to do whatever they need to to over come things naturally. My dad started eating iron rich foods and drinking blueberry juice every day and eating blueberries, a superfood full of antioxidants. Everything we could come up with to build up blood was what my dad started doing.

Over the next 3 years he went from going to the blood oncologist every 3 months to check blood counts to going every 6 months to being told his blood counts were near normal. The doctors are amazed! He is like the poster child for this blood disorder and they've never actually seen anyone get better from it.

So, have the doctors been writing him up in medical journals? Have they even asked him if he's doing anything to cause such unheard of improvements? No, they have not. They just continue to be amazed at his getting better.

A friend of mine, a very nice lady who is 76 years old, suffered a heart attack about 2 years ago. Did she give up and take to her bed? No, she decided to join a seniors exercise class 5 days a week. This past week, her cardiologist told her she has healed the damage to her heart with exercise! She now only has to go back to see him every year, instead of every 3 months.

So what's the moral here? One is that usually the doctors don't tell you anything you can do to help yourself. If, as in the case of my dad, there is no magic pill to pop, they tell you to go home and live with it. If you do help yourself, they don't bother to ask what you're doing so they can pass it on to others. They just think you are a "miracle".

My mom actually lowered her cholesterol from 250 to 190, using only cinnamon. For the first time in 35 years, her cholesterol was normal. Her doctor DID ask what she was doing and she told him she was eating cinnamon but he didn't bother to comment on it-lol.

The two individuals I'm writing about are elderly and they managed to make a real difference in their health. Just think, if you are younger what you could do to improve any health condition you have?

Whatever health problem you might be facing, research ways to improve it yourself though health improvements. DO NOT focus on the problem, Focus on the Solution. Anything natural you can do can be added to whatever the doctor is suggesting too and certainly won't hurt you.

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