Thursday, April 24, 2008

Toxic Brew - Are the Chemicals in Cleaning Products Harming Your Family?

This You-Tube video shows the potentially deadly effects of the chemicals in cleaning products. Mothers want a clean home but are the cleaning products they use causing asthma and breathing problems, cancer and many other health problems for their family?

Toxic Brew

So what's the answer? How about organic cleaning products? They are becoming much easier to find and cost effective than they used to be.

MiEnviron cleaning products are 100% certified organic.

BioPure Probiotic Household Cleaner:
  • Highly concentrated - 2 capfuls make 500ml

  • Contains powerful probiotic bacteria, antioxidants and enzymes that break down grease, grime and dirt and neutralise odors.
  • BioPure offers cleaning with no chemicals and its living benefits continue to work even after the initial application.
  • Cost effective - Only $14.95 for 4.3 oz
  • Purified Water
  • organic sugar cane molasses
  • Lactobacillus
  • organic mineral powder
  • Sea Salt
  • organic rice bran extract non-gmo lecithin
  • Organic Vanilla Extract
More information on MiEnviron BioPure

I decided for my own family's protection that using only organic cleaning products make sense. We're surrounded with chemicals in air, food and water so wherever I can cut chemical exposure in our family, I do so. Why take the chance?

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