Saturday, May 31, 2008

Earn Income with Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club

Would you like to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of Holy Tea and earn money too? It's easy to do. Besides all the free benefits of joining the Holy Tea Club, I will help you build your business by showing you proven methods that work called attraction marketing. No more chasing after friends and relatives to buy your product or join your opportunity. Have people come to you, asking about your business and wanting to sign up. It's easier than you think.

Join the The Holy Tea Club For FREE and at the same time, receive these great benefits:
  • Order Holy Tea at the member's discount Price Of $40, instead of the retail price of $49.95.
  • Have your Holy Tea shipped to you automatically each month and save another $5 with free shipping.
  • Receive your own FREE Holy Tea Web Store - your site will take orders from your customers and ship them. All you do is collect the commission from sales.
  • Earn $9.95 On Each $49.95 Retail Sale From Your Web Store, Paid Into Your Holy Tea Club Member Account.
  • Get Your Holy Tea For FREE With Just 5 Retail Sales Of $49.95. Apply the $49.75 earnings in your Account (5 x $9.95) to your next $40 purchase. Or receive your earnings by check.
  • Get a FREE "Join the Club" Web Site Where New Members Can Join For Free. Just send people to YOUR member site! Here you can order Holy Tea for yourself at $40, and see all your Account functions and data.
  • Earn 1% to 17% Of Total Monthly Volume of All Members On Levels 1 To 4 of Your 2x4 Matrix. Each $40 personal purchase OR $49.95 retail sale equals $40 Volume. Level 4 pays 17%. Levels 1 to 3 pay 1%. (To earn this, your own Volume must be $40 in that month.)
  • Earn a 100% Match Of The Monthly Income All Members on Your 4th Level Earn In Their Own Levels 1 To 4 - whether they were referred by you or another member in your upline or downline. (To earn this bonus, you must have personally referred any 2 members who have $40 volume in that month and you must have $80 Volume.)

It's easy to earn an ongoing monthly income and you're helping others as well by spreading the message of good health.

Join Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club now!

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