Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get a Free $50 Gift Certificate from Nature's Inventory!

Nature's Inventory is offering 2 great specials this week.

1. Special #1 - Mother's Day is coming… Save 20% on your entire order thru May 12th, 2008, just use the discount code MOTHERS when placing your order.

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2. Special #2 - May is "Customer Appreciation Month"! Nature's Inventory loves their customers so for the month of May, they would like to show their gratitude in the form of CASH!

For EACH NEW customer you send to Nature's Inventory who purchases a product, they will issue a gift certificate to you in the amount of $50… yes, $50…. And yes, we did say EACH!

This means you could rack up those $50 gift certificates if you have a lot of referrals! Your gift certificate can be used online or by phone. When one of your referrals orders, Nature's Inventory will notify you of your gift certificate by email, telephone or mail, depending on the contact information they have for you.

There is no rush to use it; you can use your gift certificate whenever you please!

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In addition… the customer that you refer to them, will receive a gift certificate (to be used for future purchases, not the initial purchase) of $10 just for mentioning your name – they are doing this to make sure they mention your name, they won't get the $10 gift certificate unless they give us a referral name and we want to be sure you get proper credit – home distributors take note – you're going do extra well this month!

Ok, how does this work? Good question! To refer a new customer, have them tell Nature's Inventory your name by putting your name in the comment section of the on line order form, or tell them your name when they call your order in.

** As always, rules apply. The customer MUST be new to the Nature's Inventory database. Sorry, but if they pop up in the database, they cannot allow the referral credit, they hope you understand….

Special #2 will be offered thru the month of May and will expire at midnight on May 31st, Pacific Standard Time. As always, Nature's Inventory appreciates your business, and they appreciate your referrals!

Please note: You can only use ONE discount code when ordering.

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