Monday, June 30, 2008

Terrific Fat Burning Recipes for Women on the Go

I recently ordered this great ebook by Heather Picken and wanted to share it with my readers.
It's been my experience that many women are very confused about the right portions and meals that will help them lose fat and inches around their hips, stomach, glutes, and legs. Most women don't get the results they want because their nutrition is WRONG! That's why this book of simple to prepare, yet tasty, fat-burning recipes was created - specifically designed with you, the busy woman, in mind.

What makes this different from other "healthy" weight loss cookbooks is that Heather has taken the guess work out of figuring the carbohydrates, proteins, and fat women should eat to rev up their metabolism and start seeing quick, fat-burning results.

  • Burn unwanted FAT - feel great too!
  • Increase energy levels
  • Learn how to make delicious fat-burning meals and snacks quickly and easily.
  • Tips for making your busy life easy
  • Over 60 recipes!
  • Have your cake and get lean with 'guilt free' chocolate treats and other recipes that satisfy your sweet tooth while still burning FAT!

If you love easy, healthy food then try Heather's fat-burning recipes. Preparing your own quick and healthy food is far more satisfying than buying prepared foods. This cookbook will compliment anyone's healthy lifestyle program.

This ebook is full of great tips, suggestions, ideas, etc. to help you find the perfect snack or meal to fit into your schedule, rather than the other way around. I have never had results like this that actually attack the "fat" rather than just gauging everything by pound loss (even though that occurs as well).

There are many recipes that you can make ahead of time and then just warm up as needed. The recipes are tasty! Check out these delicious fat burning recipes for Italian Chicken, Fast Chinese Chicken Bowl, and Protein Power Bars.

Heather's cookbook is a great resource for anyone who wants to change the way they eat - especially woman who lead busy lives - and isn't that all of us?. It takes the guess work out of menu planning and the recipes are simple.

Most women want to eat healthy and feed their families a variety of healthy meals. They get tired of eating just plain food and want recipes that taste great and that are easy! A personal nutritional consulting fees can start at $150!

Just start eating these and watch the fat melt right off your body. Here is what you get when you order this fat-burning recipe ebook:

  • $54 in Added Bonuses!
  • A list of the healthiest spices and what foods best compliment them.
  • The Secrets to planning for a NO FAIL week: Do this once a week and you will stay on track and lose FAT!
  • A list of some of the best fat-loss prepared foods you can buy at the grocery store.
  • The best fat-burning pre-packaged foods you can buy to eat on the go ($29 value)
    Over $200 Value!
  • Most women do cardio WRONG to really burn the most FAT!
Get more information on this must-have ebook today.

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