Monday, July 21, 2008

Following Your Dreams - Is an Addiction Distracting You?

I have discovered that I have an addiction that's distracting me from what's really important to me in life - that addiction is to the overwhelming pull of modern technology and the massive amount of information available on the Internet.

Recently I joined Bob Doyle's Boundless Living 45 Day Challenge

The Challenge concerns choosing a goal and focusing on it for 45 days, overcoming any limiting beliefs that might get in the way. This goal was to be something that was something that's always "nagged" at us to do but for whatever reason, we've never done it.

I've chosen my goal and I suddenly realized what's really been standing in the way of, not only this goal, but others in my life - lack of true focus.

Today many people believe the most efficient way to get through their day is to multi-task. Most of the time in my life, even if I"m talking on the telephone, I'm also answering emails, browsing the internet, folding laundry or doing the dishes. I work on articles and listen to recorded interviews at the same time, I read ebooks and flip back and forth to email, I work on several projects at one time. Yet, studies have been done recently that prove those who multi-task actually get less done, not more. When concentration is broken and tasks are changed, then it takes a shifting period of time to get that concentration back again and people are really less efficient.

Sometimes I've wondered, with all the time I spend online, why my businesses aren't growing. Why my health website doesn't currently have 1,000 pages instead of 300. Why I've never written the book I've always thought I wanted to write.

I suddenly saw that the reason I hadn't accomplished more is that I allow too much distraction during my work time. I check and answer emails many times a day, I follow links in emails and n website to "more information", I join forums in the name of promoting my businesses and end up getting distracted by discussions that have nothing to do with my primary goal, I sign up for free ebooks and newsletters, which I start reading and then feel guilty about not finishing.

My "to-do" list keeps growing and my accomplishments aren't keeping up.

I know I should start my day with meditation (meditation helps us learn to focus) but instead I jump on the computer to see what's new and exciting. I know every day I should be working on my to do list but somehow other things carry off my time and attention.

In the Boundless Living Challenge, Bob is giving us to tools to overcome limiting beliefs and so for the next 45 days, I intent to focus on my primary goal and let the other stuff slide. All the newsletters, ebooks and emails will still be there when I'm done.

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