Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Only Wish I'd had an Organic Baby

The light of my life, my once-tiny daughter is now a beautiful 22 year old college student. Even though I cherish her now in all her adultness, that sweet little blond baby with the curly locks will live in my heart forever. Even back then, the essence of the adult she would become was obvious. She was determined, curious and focused in everything she did.

I've always been interested in alternative medicine, natural living and organics but back when she was a baby, there weren't many organic or non-toxic foods and products. My daughter was also a very picky eater and existed for about 2 years on turkey ham (with nitrates!), cheese and grapes. Oh those grapes, probably dripping with pesticides. She loved apple juice too and about the time she was 2 there was a report of all the pesticides making their way into the finished apple juice products.

When I go to the grocery store these days, I only wish back then I'd had as much choice of what to feed my daughter or what products to use for her and our home. As she got older and more products became available, I used them. I planted my own veggies so I could control what went into growing them. My daughter loved strawberries so I planted a strawberry bed (strawberries are usually high on the polluted fruit list if conventionally grown). We took vitamins and started our day with a supercharge smoothie, which we still do now.

I can only hope that the changes we made later in her life will decrease the chances that those early exposure to toxins won't cause damage to her cells.

What drew me to Miessence as a product, when I first heard of them, was that they had organic skin care products. My daughter still has a few problems with skin breakouts and I felt the organics for problem skin would help her - and it did! Even though I use Miessence skin products, their organic toothpaste and organic cleaning products, I'm still in the "mother mode" of buying organics with my daughter in mind.

Recently, Miessence has introduced some new products that I only wish I'd had when my daughter was tiny. Miessence now has organic baby powders, lotions, body washes and more, which will protect babies from absorbing all the potentially toxic ingredients found in most skin care products.

On the Miessence website you can find a list of the potentially toxic ingredients which are in most commercial skin and body care products. You can compare the list to your current products. C
heck out this list of toxic ingredients

Even if you don't use Miessence, I urge you to try organics on your babies and children. I truly believe that all the toxins in the air, water and products that little bodies are exposed to is now causing the rise in cancer and other life altering diseases and illness. The only way to protect children is to try and limit this exposure.

If you'd like to check out the Miessence organic baby products click here. Miessence offers a wonderful opportunity for a home business, selling quality products that really help mothers and their families. It gives you a chance to use the products at a discount and make some money too.

Click here for more information about why Miessence could be the perfect company for you.

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