Friday, August 29, 2008

Review of AntiCancer - A New Way of Life

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber's new book, AntiCancer - A New Way of Life, is written from the perspective of someone who KNOWS cancer. Servan-Schreiber is a neurologist who was diagnosed with a brain tumor himself at the age of 31 and suffered a recurrence at the age of 38.

His book, AntiCancer, gives his personal account of how he turned on his own body's cancer-fighting capacities. He admits that prior to getting cancer, his own diet was terrible and his life was set at a hectic pace. He did use traditional chemotherapy and treatments to fight his cancer but he also decided, after the second time around, that he would learn all he could to help his body defend itself against illness.

His book lists foods that are specifically designed to prevent or inhibit cell growth by more than 80% in some cancers, such as those of the brain and colon. Some of these foods are broccoli, beets, cabbage, garlic and kale. Other anticancer foods include green tea and turmeric.

Besides just food, however, Servan-Schreibner recommends exercise to relax the body and bring it back into balance, exercise like yoga or tai chi. He also uses meditation to lower stress levels.

Some of his advice too is on use of household cleaners and and hair and body products and which of these products to avoid.

I like this book because it empowers people to prevent or cure cancer by choosing a healthier lifestyle. There is no "magic bullet" but living this anticancer lifestyle could have a huge impact on the number of cancer cases if everyone embraced it. If you or someone you know now has cancer, living the anticancer way of life can enhance any medical treatment they are now receiving and it will help them take back the responsibility for their own healing.

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