Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Review You Can Heal Your Life - The Movie

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I saw Louise Hay on Oprah's show recently where she talked about her new movie, You Can Heal Your Life so I decided to order it. It was terrific. If you've seen The Secret and were left thinking "the law of attraction was a great idea but how do I implement it?" then this movie is for you.

Louise Hay is a very spry 80 years old now and she has hundreds of books to her name, most published by her Hay House Publishing. Hay House also publishes other inspirational authors like my favorite, Wayne Dyer.

For some reason, although I've read many, many books on the law of attraction and manifesting your life, I'd never read any by Louise Hay. After seeing this movie, I will be reading some of her books!

This movie contains interviews with Louise, Wayne Dyer, Ester Hicks and Abraham, Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Richardson, Dorene Virtue and others, all talking about their own experiences and how to create your life through your thoughts.

The main thrust of much of the movie is about how creating affirmations for your life, keeping them in front of you and repeating them many times a day can help you change thought patterns set by a life time of self criticism, self doubt, even self loathing. Whatever story you've been telling yourself hundreds of times a day, can be changed to a better one.

I got the extended version of the movie and I'm glad I did. It contained the full interviews with the people in the movie. One interview contained a real AAAHHHAAA moment for me.

I've read nearly every Abraham book by Ester and Jerry Hicks and i know their formula for manifesting your life: Ask, Receive, Allow. As we all probably know, it's the allowing that hangs us up, due mostly to our own mental conditioning and what we believe is true. Abraham said whatever we ask for, we receive instantly but then we must allow it into our lives. Many people think saying the affirmations belongs in step one. It's where we start, right? No. Affirmations are really step 3. What we ask for has always and already been granted to us (maybe in a form we don't yet see or appreciate it) and by saying the affirmations, we allow it into our lives.

One problem I had with the movie, The Secret, was that Ester Hicks and Abraham and Wayne Dyer were not in it. They have been writing about conscious creation for over 25 years and their absence, to me, was glaring. The Secret may be a good place to start, but You Can Heal Your Life is a better place to finish.

If you've struggled with how to put the Law of Attraction into action in your life, see this movie! If you can't afford the extended version, at least get the movie itself.

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Shay said...

Don’t you just Love Louise Hay and “You Can Heal Your Life”? I grew up with this book and it has changed my life. Even though I grew up with this book and the mindset it really didn’t hit me until college when I was having problems with my jaw. I looked it up and it said “anger and resentment towards someone” sure enough I did have anger towards an ex-boyfriend. I said the new thought pattern the rest of the day and the pain left my body.

It is so great to be able to connect with other like minded individuals.

I’m glad I came across your post.

All the Best!

Shay Wheat