Monday, August 25, 2008

What's the Best MLM Company?

Would you like extra income and a business of your own? Are you looking for an MLM opportunity to join but don't know where to start? Well, here's a startling fact - which MLM company you choose doesn't really matter all that much! What matters is how you market the MLM you do choose.

Chances are even the best MLM company will give you training that sounds something like this: Be passionate about our product! Make a list of all your friends and relatives and contact them about your terrific business opportunity! Sign up just one or two and the residual income will come flowing in!

Here's the truth - this approach does not work! What brings network marketing success is just that - network marketing.

Decide just what you want the objective of your business to be. Do you want to help others achieve greater health? Do you want to help others build their own businesses? What are your passions?

The important thing to remember, even with the best MLM company, is that you are ultimately selling yourself, not a product. You must convince people you are honest, trustworthy and a good business person. You must position yourself as an expert, not on your product, but on the solution that your product offers.

If you'were selling an MLM product for weight loss, for instance, the solution it provides is obvious. It helps those who are overweight get healthier and slimmer. So how could you market this weight loss product? Become an expert in weight loss and the health problems caused by obesity. Write articles on these issues, get on forums and answer questions, offering a link to your blog or website.

Do you have a blog or website? Or just the replicator site your company gives you. That website brands your MLM company just fine but it sure leaves you out of the equation.

There is nothing simple or easy about network marketing but it can be fun! It can connect you with many new friends who are trying to build their own companies, friends who might also end up being on your team in the end, or at the very least, they will offer you tons of free advice.

MLM opportunities are out there by the hundreds but whichever one you choose, you must have a good network marketing plan to make it work.

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