Friday, December 5, 2008

Easy Healthy Living Tips

Here are some healthy living tips that are easy to do:

Add lemon or lemon juice to your green tea before drinking - this helps you absorb up to 13% more of the antioxidants that are in the tea.

Don't drink tea with high iron foods, such as meat. This keeps you from absorbing the iron in meat or whatever you eat.

Remedies for Indigestion

Drink a cup of hot peppermint tea or ginger tea to ease indigestion. Candied ginger also works well for indigestion. If you often suffer from indigestion, drink the tea as a routine after dinner each night.

Tip for a Good Night's Sleep

Sip a cup of chamomile tea before bed to help you sleep. Avoid caffeine after noon and switch to decaffeinated products.

Tip for Stress

Drinking green tea slashes the fattening stress hormone cortisol by 20% helping to control your stress.

Healthy Supplement Tip

Take your iron supplement with orange juice or other vitamin C containing juice or purchase an iron supplement with Vitamin C in it. This helps your body absorb the iron better.

Take your iron supplement separate from your other vitamins as iron blocks the absorption of some vitamins. If iron bothers your stomach, look for a formula that is easy on the stomach.

Drinking 3 or more cups of coffee per day lowers women's risk of utering cancer by 60% according to a study of 54,000 Japanese women.

Easy Tips to Prevent Colds and Flu

Don't dry your hands with hand blow dryers in public restrooms. They blow bacteria back onto your clean hands.

Use your own pen when out in public. Germs can survive on pens for up to 4 days.

73% of the handles on grocery carts tested harbored the germs that cause diarrhea. Use the antibacterial wipes now provided by many stores for wiping down the cart handles. If they don't have some, carry your own in your purse.

Great Weight Loss Tip

Eating protein in the morning, soon after rising. This helps regulate blood sugar and decrease hunger all day long.

Prevent colds and flu with these natural remedies

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