Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Watkins Business to Start the New Year - Quality Cooking & Baking Ingedients

I've been using Watkins products since I was a child. My mom bought JR Watkins cinnamon and vanilla, plus many of their Watkins spices to use in her own cooking. I've always loved cooking and baking so when I was looking for a new business to start the New Year, I decided to start my own Watkins business.

I've been buying Watkins products, from the spices and soup mixes, to the eco-friendly cleaners and body care products for a long time as a customer. I simply signed up on the website to create a free Watkins account and ordered anything I wanted.

To start a Watkins business, I merely paid a one-time fee of $39.95 to get me started. As a Watkins associate, now I receive a 25% discount on all my own Watkins products and also on everything I sell in my Watkins business.

This Christmas, all the daughters in the family, plus many on my gift list, received terrific Watkins products for the holiday. Apple Spiced bread mixes, Watkins lavender lotion and more filled holiday gift baskets. The Watkins opportunity allowed me to give the gifts at a discount and introduce friends and family to Watkins quality products.

Naturally, everybody got a Watkins Vanilla Recipe Cookbook, Watkins Vanilla and Watkins Cinnamon for a start.

If you'd like to check out Watkins products for yourself or perhaps start your own Watkins business, click here.

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