Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Yoga Online

I've been investigating free yoga online and wanted to share my results. While taking a class is preferable when learning yoga, watching a video or listening to a yoga podcast can help you with your at home yoga practice, whether you are learning how to do yoga or whether you've been practicing for a long time. There are many free yoga videos and podcasts available which makes learning about yoga easy and accessible for everyone.

One of the best resources for free yoga online is by far Yoga Journal online. If you want free yoga podcasts, this site offers sign up to an RSS feed for a free weekly yoga practice from well known instructors. If you'd like free yoga on video, Yoga Journal offers that as well.

Here is one example of Yoga Journal's free video with Jason Crandell's Awaken and Strengthen the Arms. Yoga Journal online TV is offered free as well.

When I practice yoga at home, I don't really watch the video anyway so yoga podcasts are great for me. I put several on my Ipod through Itunes and I can take my yoga practice anyplace with me. Sign up for free yoga podcasts via Itunes is free.

Other free yoga online websites:

Yoga-TV.net - great resources for free yoga videos. Postpartum practice, a 5-10 minute morning practice, beginning yoga with Shiva Rea, Abs work out for beginners and much more.

Yoga Today - Free one hour yoga class delivered to your email each day, seven days a week. Beautiful scenery, world class instructors like Sarah Kline. Sessions focus on strength building, flexibility, stamina, and meditation-in-motion.

Yoga To The People where you can download an online class to take with you on your Ipod, MP3 player or computer. To learn more about Yoga to the People, check out this YouTube video. YouYube also offers free yoga videos like this one with well known instructor Shiva Rea for beginners.

YogaYak - offers free online yoga classes, including beginners and a practice for easing fibromyalgia. Free online meditation classes also.

These free yoga online resources are just the tips of the iceburg but I've found them to be the best. Yoga is wonderful for stress reduction, health and wellness and can be practiced by anyone of any age. Using these websites it's easy to get started at home for free.

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Michelle C said...

If I could only motivate to DO yoga!

The benefits are extraordinary, I just don't make the time!

Joan Jones said...

Michelle and others who have trouble getting motivated. The best thing to do is to BEGIN! Start by signing up for a class. It helps if you "make an appointment" for yourself and you are paying for the class so it helps motivate you to be there.

It's hard to find time for ourselves in our busy schedules but it's so necessary. Yoga helps us relax and handle all life's stresses so much better.

Taking the time to do yoga helps you to become a better wife, mother, friend, daughter.

Once you start doing yoga, you won't want to miss a day. You'll feel so much better.