Friday, March 13, 2009

Natural Allergy Remedies

Looking for some natural remedies for your allergies? I no longer take any allergy medications and my allergies have actually improved through natural remedies. All medications have side effects and if you're able to knock out allergies naturally, you won't end up on antibiotics either, which carry their own harmful side effects.

I used to take many allergy medications but suddenly, about 10 years ago, I grew allergic to the very remedies that were supposed to be helping me. Cold medicines make me feel jumpy and "not myself" so I gave them all up for natural remedies.

Here are the natural allergy remedies that I have the most success with:

1. Sinus irrigation - The neti pot has been in the news lately and even allergy doctors say that regular sinus irrigation would all but knock out sinus infections in patients. You don't need a neti pot, however, to do sinus irrigation. You can use a small bulb syringe, the type they use for babies. Simply put a half tsp of salt or baking soda in a small cup of warm water and spritz it up into your sinuses, allowing the water to run back out.

Regular sinus irrigation keeps sinuses free of pollen and allergens which cause problems and if you get mucus in your sinuses, irrigation keeps it rinsed out so you don't get a sinus infection.

2. Nature's Inventory Allergy Relief Wellness Oil - This essential oil is certified organic and safe for children over two as well. It's a totally natural approach to controlling your allergies and works great! If you use the code FREESHIP at check out, you also get free shipping. Shipping is always free at Nature's Inventory for orders over $35 and there are always numerous specials as well.

3. Natural anti-inflammatory supplements help with allergies. Here are some that I take. They also have the benefit of helping sore, inf lammed joints.

a. Vitamin C - at least 1,000 mg a day
b. Quercetin and Bromelain are bioflavonoids, or part of a group of coloring pigments that provide plants antioxidant protection against environmental stress. Quercetin and Bromelain can inhibit allergy and inflammatory responses by inhibiting the release of antibodies which cause histamine to be released. Start taking these about 2 weeks prior to allergy season so they have a chance to build up in your body.

4. Drink lots of water! This keeps all the environmental toxins flushed from your body and makes you healthier.

5. Keep your immune system in tip top shape. The healthier you are, the less allergies you will have. Many believe that allergies can be traced back to a poor immune system.

Read more about boosting your immune system.

The best remedy for allergy relief is natural remedies. Try any or all of these and don't give up! Since natural remedies aren't drugs, they take a little longer to work, but they do work in the end and your body is healthier for it.

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