Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Natural Energy Supplement I've Found

I wanted to increase my metabolism naturally and the best energy supplement I've tried is called Revive by Nuriche. I don't want any product with caffeine or other artificial metabolism boosters and Revive contains only natural energy boosting ingredients, plus whole foods - including different 30 berry and fruits and 30 vegetables in each serving of 3 capsules.

What makes Revive such the best energy supplement? The energy boosting ingredients are guarana seed extract, Cha de Bugre, Green Tea Extract, Caocao, Schizandera Berry Extract and Maca root, which are all natural and they really work.

One bottle of Revive contains 180 capsules, with a recommended daily dose of no more than 6 capsules. I just take 3 in the morning and feel great all day long.

My daughter is in a very strenuous architecture program in college, where she has to pull all nighters frequently (not that her mom is in favor of this!). She takes 3 Revive in the morning and 3 at lunchtime to get through her rigorous schedule so she agrees this is the best energy pill she's tried.

What I like about Revive is that I'm also getting whole nutrition and no artificial ingredients to boost my metabolism. Here are just a few natural ingredients in Revive. As you can see, many of these, like Acai berry and Goji Berry are new additions to the superfood list:

Noni Fruit
Acai Berry
Goji Berry
Chia Seeds
wheat grass
sweet potato

Plus omega3 containing natural ingredients like flax seed, oat bran and chia seeds and probiotics.

There are literally too many whole foods to mention. Imagine all the healthy nutrition you're getting with your natural energy supplement!

The newest trend in vitamins are whole food supplements. Instead of isolating certain vitamins and creating them artificially, you're getting all the nutrition of whole foods like brocoli, spirulina, brussel sprouts, quinoa sprouts and pumpkin seeds. We all need to eat from this list of foods, but are these really part of everyone's daily diet?

So although Revive does contain some natural energy boosters, they also contain metabolism boosting whole foods too. By getting healthy nutrition into our bodies, they can function at peak performance and we have energy all day long.

Nuriche also offers a whole food product called Live, which you can add to your daily smoothie to get the same whole food nutrition.

If you would like to try Revive, the best energy supplement I've found, visit this Nuriche website.

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