Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whole Food Nutrition - Get Superfoods in Your Diet Daily

The newest trend in nutritional supplements is whole food nutrition. You can get superfoods in your diet, like acai berry, noni fruit and chia seeds, plus flax seed, dozens of fruits and veggies and more in convenient and economical powder or supplements.

Instead of isolating different vitamins, like C or B, whole food supplements gives your body hundreds of micronutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins, all working together synergistically at the cellular level to give you optimal energy and health, slow the signs of aging and protect your body from diseases like cancer.

Finding economical whole food nutrition

Whole food supplements can be more expensive than other isolated vitamins, because they must be carefully processed to keep nutrients live and whole. However, when you measure the cost of whole food supplements against buying separate and artifically produced vitamins which you body may or may not absorb, whole food nutrition becomes very economical. And have you checked the cost of buying superfoods like acai berry and noni?

Does your Whole Food Nutritional supplement contain Superfoods?

I eat superfoods daily and I also use whole food supplements, which contain the acai berry, noni fruit and chia seeds, all in one product by Beach Body called Shakeology. Shakeology is like a salad in a glass and contains over 70 healthy nutrients derived from whole foods, including greens like wheat grass and wide range of natural-source enzymes, minerals and probiotic bacteria. Here is a small listing of the whole foods Shakeology contains:

Noni Fruit
Acai Berry
Goji Berry
Chia Seeds
Red and green grapes
wheat grass

Shakeology also contains omega3 fatty acids and whole food nutrition of natural ingredients like flax seed, oat bran and chia seeds and probiotics.

Shakeology gives you all this whole food nutriton economically. Compare Shakeology to other brands for price. For instance, Garden of Life's Perfect Food retails for $78 for just 300 capsules. Juice Plus capsules are $40 a for 60, or a one month's supply.

Using the whole food nutrition and superfoods contained in Shakeology, you also save money because you don't have to buy other vitamin supplements.

Be a Shakeology customer or become a fitness coach and save 25% on the cost of Beach Body Products.

Learn More about becoming a Beach Body Fitness Coach.

However, if you'd just like to use the Shakeology meal plan, you can simply order and try it as a customer. See if you don't feel better.

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to buy noni juice to make sure the juice is pure, you will need to do some research. Check out the company and where the product is really coming from. When you buy noni juice it should not be made from frozen, imported concentrate but actually come from fresh fruit. In this way you will be getting the genuine product and the maximum nutrition from it.