Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Healthy Restaurant - New Website Offers Instant Restaurant Healthy Menu Items

Eating a healthy diet and dining out aren't always incompatible. Did you ever wish you could check on the calories, fat and other nutritional information at a local restaurant so you could make healthier choices when dining out? A terrific new website called Good Food Near You automatically finds your location using GPS and then sends your IPhone or Blackberry the lowest calorie food item on the menu at 20 different restaurants closet to your location.

Don't have an IPhone or Blackberry? You can also access those healthy food items manually by putting in your zip code on any computer.

Just click on the "View Menu" link beneath each restaurant entry and you find the nutritional info on their menu items.

When I put in my zip code, I came up with 20 fast food places and restaurants within close proximity to me and the healthiest food choice on each of their menus. Boston Market has a Tortilla Soup with no toppings and Applebee's offers Grilled Shrimp Skewered Salad. Either of those sound delicious to me!

You can also check restaurant menu items by lowest fat, lowest calorie and lowest carb dishes.

If you want to know about healthy dining out choices, check out Good Food Near You before you head out the door or bring them up on your Iphone when you're looking for a healthy restaurant menu near you.

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