Monday, April 6, 2009

Healthy Living Tips - Healthy Food Shopping

It's easier to shop healthy these days as supermarkets cater more to those interested in healthy living. You can find healthy oils, like grapeseed and walnut oils for cooking, whole grains like couscous and whole grain breads and flours, and organic produce. Here are some other healthy food shopping tips.

Healthy food shopping in your dairy case:
  • Healthy yogurts provide lots of immune boosting probiotics. Try brands like DanActive and Activia for an extra punch of probiotics.
  • Greek yogurt is becoming more common in supermarkets and is rich in calcium but contains twice the protein of regular yogurt. It's smooth, creamy texture makes it a great idea for those who want to shop healthy.
  • contains no added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Just add fresh fruit for nutrition and taste.
  • Eggs received a bad rap for many years because of the cholesterol issue but recent studies find eggs a smart buy for healthy food shopping. One egg yolk contains 25% of your daily requirement of choline, a nutrient linked to lowered breast cancer rates. The antioxidants in eggs are also linked to lowering the risk of muscular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Shop healthy with omega 3 fortified eggs. Omega 3 fatty acids are heart-healthy but it's hard to eat enough fish to get your daily requirement of 1,000 mg. Omega 3 fortified eggs are created by feeding chickens flax seed or some other omega 3 filled feed and each one contains up to 300 mg of this important nutrient.
  • Organic milk is also easier to find now days for those who want to shop healthy. Organic milk contains more nutrients and CLA (which aids weight loss) than non-organic and you can find it in fat free and skimmed too.
  • Trans fat free margarines should go on every healthy shopping list. New margarines also contain added plant stanols which naturally help reduce the LDL or "bad" cholesterol.
Shop Healthy at the Meat Counter
  • If you eat beef, choose grain fed and organic, if possible. These options are becoming more available in supermarkets.
  • Organic beef is from cattle raised with no antibiotics or hormones in their diets and whose diets were organic feed only.
  • Grass fed beef - Grass is the natural diet of cattle, as opposed to being grain fed, and grass fed beef contains more nutrients, like Vitamin E and CLA, plus omega 3 fatty acids.
It's easier than every to shop healthy. Just check your labels to make sure you aren't getting any unwanted ingredients, like sugars and preservatives.

To help save money when you shop healthy, check out company websites for coupons. Here are some companies which have healthy products and offer online coupons:

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Horizon Milk

Kashi - organic cereals

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