Monday, April 6, 2009

Where to Buy Ghee? Visit our Ghee Store on Amaxon

Would you like to know where to buy organic ghee butter? Maybe you're sold on the health benefits of ghee clarified butter but don't want to make your own. I can personally recommend a company called Pure Indian Foods which makes Grassfed Organic Ghee(available at our Ghee Store on Amazon) which sells a truly fresh and flavorful organic ghee which is available through I just got my first jar a couple of days ago and I've used it to cook with and even eat straight from the jar!

Pure Indian Foods offers organic ghee, which is produced without artificial fertilizers or conventional pesticides. There are no food additives or ionizing radiation used in in producing this liquid gold organic ghee and the milk used to produce the ghee is from animals given no hormones or antibiotics. If you want to buy ghee for its health benefits, organic is very important.

Pure Indian Food's Ghee Comes From Grass Fed Cows

When it comes to quality organic milk, you want to find milk from grass fed beef, not grain fed. Grains often contain unwanted ingredients and grass fed beef also contains more nutrition such as Vitamin K, increased Vitamin C, more omega 3 fatty acids and CLA, a natural substance found in dairy products which, among other things, helps get rid of stubborn belly fat. CLA also gives the immune system a boost and helps lower cholesterol.

I'm sold on the exceptional quality and taste of the organic ghee from Pure Indian Foods. I love the sweet, buttery taste that feels like liquid amber in your mouth. I used it to cook stir fry and other dishes and it melts clear and added a delicate taste to my food. Ever since I got my ghee in the mail, I keep it sitting right on the counter to use on everything.

Pure Indian Foods ghee is also budget friendly. If you make your own ghee and you've checked the price of organic butter per pound, you'll find buying organic ghee from Pure Indian Foods saves you money.

Pure Indian Foods buys milk for their ghee from small dairies which promote harmony between land and animals. They work in a sustainable manner which is good for the environment so you can feel good about supporting their efforts and buying their products.

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