Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature's Inventory Moving Sale! Til June 29 Get 25% off

Nature's Inventory is having a moving sale! Get 25% off your entire order of wellness oils until June 29, 2009, by using the promo code MOVING at check out. There's no limit to the number of oils you can order. Just place the oils in your shopping cart. When you check out, simply put the promo code into the spot for "discount coupon." It's easy.

Shipping is always free for orders over $35 as well.

Save 25% on your entire order until June 29

Save 25% on your entire order until June 29

Have you been wanting to try Nature's Inventory's wellness oil for Restless Leg Syndrome or to help you sleep better? Now is the time. Many oils are on sale already and you get an increased 25% off, over the sale price.

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