Friday, June 19, 2009

Natural Remedies for Dogs - Natural Flea and Tick Remedy

Looking for a natural remedy for your dog's fleas and ticks? I use natural and organic products for myself so it stands to reason, when I want to get rid of fleas and ticks, that I'd search for a natural remedy for my dogs too. Nature's Inventory Wellness Oils has a whole line of natural remedies for dogs, which includes a flea and tick essential oil mixture which is certified organic as well.

There have actually been cases of dogs having terrible reactions to regular flea and tick treatments, which contain toxic chemicals. If you have children, or for your own safety, wouldn't a natural flea and tick remedy be better for your family's health?

Nature's Inventory all natural remedy for fleas and ticks for your dog contains organic essential oils like rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptis oils and no harsh or harmful chemicals.

Other great Nature's Inventory wellness oils for natural pet health include Doggie Calm, which works great if your dog is afraid of thunderstorms or car rides. I put a couple drops under my dog's chin whenever we have a big Texas thunderstorm and she stays calm and happy no matter how loud it gets! Doggie Calm is on sale right now for only $8.99.

Nature's Inventory is also having a sale on this natural flea and tick remedy. Each bottle is only $12.76 right now. But that's not all. Nature's Inventory is also having a moving sale! Put the code letters MOVING into the promo code spot at check out and receive an additional 20% off of your purchases. PLUS, if you order $35 or more in essential oils, you'll get free shipping.

Try some of Nature's Inventory natural remedies for pets today. You'll be glad you found these safe, natural, organic remedies for you dog.

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