Monday, January 25, 2010

Join the Hula Hooping Workout Craze for a Fun New Exercise

Have you tried the hula hoop work out yet? Hula hooping can trim your waist and work most of the muscles in your body. If you find exercise boring, then the hula hoop workout, or hooping, just might be for you.  Hula hoops are an inexpensive workout tool, they are fun, relaxing and help your balance as well.

Hooping is a great way to burn calories, workout your entire body, and improve your mood. This exercise can even help reduce stress and help you get focused. Lots of women feel that hooping is liberating and, instead of boring exercise, it feels like play.

How To Get Started with a Hula Hoop Workout

Hula hoops now come in different sizes and different weights. Here's how to choose a hula hoop:
  • you need a hula hoop specifically designed for hooping workouts. The hula hoops sold at sporting goods stores won’t work and neither will the acu hoop or the sport hoop. Hooping experts say these aren't properly weighted and won't spin. 
  • Get a hula hoop specifically designed for workouts, like this
  • If you want to have great workouts you'll need to splurge on a specialty hoop, like this Hoopnotica Fitness Travel Hoop Combo which even collapses to you can take it anywhere with you.
Once you've gotten a weighted hula hoop, watch a DVD that will give you the best tips for using it. There are lots of programs and dvd collections out there but be sure to watch a sample first before spending a lot of money. Some hooping instructors aren't very inspiring, or they don't offer good tips. I liked this dvd, available at, Hoopnotica: Hoopdance Basics - Beginner, Level 1

Also, before you begin hooping, be sure to clear a good space so you're free to move around and not break the knick knacks!

If you're tired of boring exercises, jump on the hula hooping craze bandwagon to burn calories, trim the waist and give you a fun whole body workout.

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