Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calli Tea Reviews - New Low Prices

I've been using Calli Tea for about 10 years and I believe it has greatly improved my health in just about every area. Before I started using Calli Tea and other Sunrider products, I was not in bad health but I got the ordinary colds and flu - which I expected would be just part of life.

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In the past 10 years, I have had less than one cold per year, if that. Sometimes I have gone as much as three years without getting a cold or the flu. My husband, who also drinks Calli tea on a daily basis, can give the same great reviews.

My daughter also drinks Calli Tea daily and she attributes her now clear skin to the benefits of Calli. She used to suffer from skin breakouts routinely but with the gentle cleansing effects of Calli tea, her skin is healthy looking and rarely breaks out.

In our modern world, unfortunately we are assaulted with toxins on a daily basis from air, food and water. Whatever I can do to help with keeping my body cleansed, I feel is helping to protect me from modern diseases like cancer and other debilitating illnesses. I am nearly 60 years old now (I can't believe I am THAT old-lol) and I take no medications and every yearly physical is totally normal.

Is drinking Calli tea all I do? No - I also exercise and watch my diet generally, eating lean meats, lots of fruits and veggies and drinking my Calli Tea smoothie daily with it's blueberries and a banana. But I do think Calli Tea is an essential part of my health program.

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