Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How do I eat my NuPlus? Some ideas!

Do you ever look at your canister or package of NuPlus and wonder how you will eat it today?  Here are a few ideas to help get you started.  If you have found additional ways of eating your NuPlus food, let us know so others can benefit from that too!

1.    Eat directly from the package a little at a time.  For maximum assimilation put right into the mouth!  It   
      has a wonderful taste!  The nourishment is felt quickly.   Follow with Calli or Fortune.
2.   Add to a little water/Calli and put some SunnyDew in it.  Eat like applesauce!  (This is my favorite way!)

3.   Add to a fresh fruit smoothie or blend with almond milk (homemade is best.)

4.   Sprinkle on top of cereals, salads, pasta, etc. or mix in to mashed potatoes (Simply Herbs or Reg.) etc.

5.   Mix into Calli or Fortune Delight with SunnyDew.  Drink all at once or throughout the day.

6.   Mix into “Meal-in-a-Mug” with Calli, Quinary and SunnyDew, or 72-Food Power Drink with Fortune
      Delight added to the drink.
7.   Add to baked goods such as muffins, cakes, cookies, or bread.  As a general rule, add 1/3 c. more liquid
     for each l scoop or package of NuPlus.

8.   Add to VitaFruit juice.  This is raw fruit juice loaded with antioxidants and thousands of micro-
      nutrients and is not acidic to the system like cooked frozen fruit juice concentrates.

9.   Add to anything that needs thickening such as dips, gravies, and soups.
    10.   Makes an excellent binder for treats such as dried fruit and nut balls.

Remember—NuPlus is:

65% complex carbohydrates
20% assimilable protein (amino acids)
15% essential fatty acids
            Rich source of vitamins and minerals

A few of the many benefits:
·         ”Regenerative life” added to your menu!
·         You will be nourished in shorter time, meaning eating LESS prepared food.
·         Receive the benefits quickly because it is so assimilable.
·         Includes 12 highly-concentrated whole, powdered plants including Coix fruit and Chinese Yam.  
·         Includes five specially prepared beans (sprouted) that nourish the 5 key organs: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys.
·         Contains hundred of phyto-nutrients known to help prevent prostate and breast cancer.
·         Supplies plenty of anti-oxidants in a natural, balanced state.
·         Convenient high-powered nutrition (fuel for the body) that's ready-to-go.
·         Fights fatigue and sustains the energy level.
·         No isolated proteins, vitamins, or minerals.
·         Contains no artificial food colors, flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals.
·         Has only complex carbohydrates that assist the blood sugar through the day.
·         Helps build muscle.
·         Provides glycogen so fat can be burned.
·         Helps eliminate unhealthful food cravings; nourishes and satisfies.
·         Builds the body’s defense (immune) system protecting it against viruses, bacteria, and environmental influences.
·         Assists in hormonal balancing and smoothes the teen, mid-life and menopause years.
·         Promotes emotional well-being: is called by some the “happy food”!

Eating NuPlus once a day is good, twice better, three times best! Even more if you like!  NuPlus is food that you can “live on!

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