Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Energy Medicine - The Key to Wellness is Energy

The Key to Your Wellness Lies in the Energy Within and Around You.

What is Energy Medicine? Like everyone else, I watched the movie "the Secret," and since then I've read many, many books on how to use energy for healing. Whenever a health issue comes up in our family (my husband and I are nearing 60 so sometimes, they DO come up), I always search for a natural remedy first, whether it's a food or vitamin we can take, a diet change, an exercise, acupuncture or other alternative remedy, I do my research and we try to implement those changes. Most of the time, they pretty much solve the issue and using energy medicine for healing is an outgrowth of that interest.

Many people, when introduced to the Law of Attraction and the power of energy in the Universe, thought immediately of wealth. Who doesn't want to be rich? However, I saw the possibilities of using energy medicine for wellness and healing.

How do You Use Energy for Healing?

Quantum Physics shows us that the Universe is made up of energy. Energy fields of humans, plants, animals, the earth and the Universe provide the interface that connects us all.

ENERGY Can Assist us on the Path to Wellness

The human body, and all living organisms, have a bio-energy field which consists of subtle organisms with their energetic potentials that give strength and power to the biological field. The path to total wellness consists of balancing the flow of energy in the body - which is why acupuncture works to aid healing. Energetic balance and unobstructed flow of energy are key to unlocking the secrets of the bio-energetic fields, opening to new ways to use energy medicine for diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, illness and disease.

A friend introduced me to the Zero Point Energy AM Wand, which is a futuristic tool  made up of a special combination of granulated materials processed using propriety technology: AMIZED(R) Fusion Technology to source the Universal Life Force energy that our body needs. This friend has had tremendous results in helping people to heal from chronic pain and other illnesses, often within minutes!

I have written in my blogs about the chronic, full body tingling I have which has progressed at times into a neuropathy type burning pain in my feet and legs.  I have decided to give the Zero Point Energy Wand a try and I'm waiting now for it to be delivered. I'll keep you posted on my results. Since the Zero Point Energy Wand is a rather expensive tool, I will report my findings honestly so you wouldn't think of wasting your money if it didn't work.

If this tool does help to get rid of chronic pain in a natural way, I know quite a few people with fibromyalgia, hip and back pain, and other ailments who could be helped with energy healing.  What if you could literally help someone allow their body to rid itself of chronic pain in only minutes … without touching them, without ingesting any products would you want to know how you can do that?

I don't really understand how this wellness energy tool works, but if it does work, what a miracle that would be for many people.

If you would like to know more about the Zero Point Energy Wand or the other energetic medicine products, click here.

If you think you can benefit from energy medicine and what the Zero Point Energy Wand or other technology has to offer, you can also become an Energetic Health team member, then you too can share this energy therapy technology with the world!

Ann Carlisle of Gilbert, AZ says:

For years, during the night, pain awakened me every couple of hours and I'd have to get up and walk and then go back for more sleep, becoming sleep deprived. Bed was like a prison for me and I was surrounded with pillows, trying to find a comfortable position. The morning after my first wand experience, everyone in the house including the nurse was amazed, just watching me walk, tall and straight.

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