Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100 Healthy Living Tips - Try Acupuncture for Pain

If you have any type of pain, chronic or otherwise, you get tired of taking medications, which only treat the symptoms and are hard on your body. When you suffer from pain, give acupuncture a try. Acupuncture treats the causes of our pain, with no side effects.

A study done in 2007 of more than 1,100 people suffering from longstanding pain, found that just two 30 minute sessions of acupuncture per week for five weeks, reduced the pain almost twice as well as treatments combining exercise, medication and physical therapy.

I went through a month long treatment of acupuncture, three times a week, for my chronic full body tingling and I found more relief through acupuncture than any other natural remedy that I tried. If you're afraid of being stuck with a needle, have no fear - acupuncture is painless.

Acupuncture works by opening up the energy pathways in the body and allowing the body to heal itself, producing no ill effects. 

It's easier all the time to find qualified acupuncturists, no matter where you live. Costs vary for services.

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