Friday, March 26, 2010

Ghee Recipes - 1,000 Indian Recipes

Through my love of using ghee in recipes,  I've just discovered Indian Cooking. Indian cooking also uses many spices which contribute to good health, like turmeric and cayenne, which helps protect us from diseases like cancer and arthritis. These spices also help boost the metabolism!

One of the best books of Indian Recipes I've found is 1,000 Indian Recipes and many of their recipes use ghee, or clarified butter. This book is written for the modern American cook who is new to Indian Cuisine, as well as those who are very familiar with Indian cooking.

There are many marsala recipes, as well as hundreds of delicious veggie recipes, such as Bengali Hot Potatoes with Dry-Roasted Spices and Cauliflower Pankora Fritters with cilantro. There is information on Bengali 5-Spices as well.

If you're looking for an Indian Recipes book that is nearly all-inclusive, 1,000 Indian Recipes will add wonderful dimensions to your gourmet kitchen and help your family expand their horizons.

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