Monday, May 10, 2010

Raw Food Diet - Free Green Smoothie Recipes

I've been researching the Green Smoothie diet using greens and raw foods in blended smoothies and just ordered my Vitamix 5200 today. After a lot of research, I decided to order it from the Vitamix website
and I've been really happy with their great customer service.

My Vitamix will arrive in about 12 days so in the meantime, I'm collecting as many free green smoothie recipes as I can find and thought I'd share them with you. Once I've begun my own Green Smoothie journey, I'll share the recipes I've used and you can give them a try too.

Free Green Smoothie Recipes

The VitaMix website offers a free 12 page recipe ebook for signing up for their newsletters. Just visit their website and click on "recipes." There you'll find not only green smoothie recipes but dozens of other healthy ways to use a Vitamix.

Here is a link to the Vitamix Green Smoothie Page

Here are some other websites with free green smoothie recipes:

From Sad to Raw - Dozens of tasty-looking raw food recipes and under beverages, there are several juices and green smoothie type recipes.

Best of Raw Foods - 5 Green smoothie recipes, plus a free ebook with 50 raw food recipes for signing up for their email newsletter - which includes more recipes!

Got Greens Revolution offers some free green smoothie recipes, plus a forum where readers have shared some of their favorite recipes.

The BlendTec website offers recipes of various types for free and there are some fruit smoothie on the list which look delicious.
Raw Food and Smoothie Recipes from Amazon:

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