Monday, May 2, 2011

Easy Way to Drink More Water - The Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Prodyne Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher 3-qt.I just discovered the fruit infusion pitcher, a handy device that is going to help me drink more water. I have trouble drinking all the water I'm supposed to drink every day. I have a green smoothie for breakfast and a couple cups of coffee, then a Shakeology shake for lunch, and I need green tea in my diet as well, so all this drinking doesn't leave much time to think about drinking more water.The fruit infusion pitcher provides an easy way to drink water flavored naturally with fruit.

The pitcher I got this weekend was the Prodyne Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher, which is a 3 quart size, just perfect for fitting into a crowded frig. It also has a removable tube where you can add water and stick into the freezer. This attaches to the lid and you can keep your water or tea cold for hours.

The fruit infusion piece fits easily into the side of the pitcher and has slots so water and fruit can blend. For my first pitcher, I put lemon and mango into the slotted infusion spot because that's what I had on hand. I added water, put in the frig for a few hours and the water was delicious.

I can see other great fruit infusion combos in my future too, strawberry or raspberry with mint from my backyard mint plants, peaches, kiwi, just about any type of fruit.

My husband loves fruit teas also and it will be easy to make these in the fruit infusion pitcher. You can also use it without the fruit infusion for tea, lemonade or other drinks and the center frozen core will keep the liquid cold during a picnic or barbecue.

There are a few other fruit infusion pitchers on, including the Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher or the Bodum Ceylon 102-Ounce Iced-Tea Maker and Water Infuser
if you need an extra large one for gatherings with family and friends.

Drinking more water each day can help you cut calories and keeps you body hydrated for more energy, detoxing from harmful substances in the environment and more. If you have trouble drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water each day, maybe the fruit infusion pitcher is just what you need so you look forward to those 8 glasses.

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