Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where to Buy Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great post workout recovery drink but if you have to pay $2 to $3 per bottle, buying it at your local yoga studio or fitness center, it can add up. One way to save money, once you you know where to buy coconut water, is to purchase a case at a time. 

The benefit of coconut water as an after work out drink is that it contains lots of potassium, a mineral you need to replenish after exercising to prevent leg cramps. Coconut water also contains other minerals your body needs, but is fat free and replenishes electrolytes naturally, and with less sugar and calories than most sports drinks. It's also natural. There aren't any additives or flavorings if you stick to plain coconut water.

What is Coconut Water?

Inside a coconut, you have the meat and the liquid at the center, known as coconut water. If you wanted to make your own coconut water, you'd need to have access to whole coconuts, which you could then break open and drink the liquid. In the Philippines and Asia, where coconuts are plentiful, this is a common practice.

Where to Buy Coconut Water and Get the Best Price

I recently found a case of 12 bottles of coconut water at Costco for about $18, which is a great price, but I hadn't seen it there before. With Costco, you don't know if they will always have a certain product each time you shop. carries several different kinds of coconut water, either as a single bottle, or by the case. If you drink a lot of it, you can always "subscribe and save" to have it automatically shipped, either each month, or every 2-3 months. Shipping is free for most brands, especially if you use the subscribe and save.

Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water, 11.1-Ounce Containers (Pack of 12)You can also buy coconut water by the bottle at many local supermarkets, health food stores, yoga studios or fitness centers but you'll pay a premium for them that way. The more economical way is to buy a case to keep at home and carry a bottle with you when you work out.

Coconut water is a light and refreshing change from drinking water after a heavy workout and once you learn where to buy coconut water at a budget price, you can enjoy it without breaking the budget.

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