Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beyond Organic - Enjoy Grassfed Beef and Build an Organic Business

Would you like to eat grassfed beef but think it's too expensive or difficult to find? Jordan Rubin, of Garden of Life fame, is starting a new organic business opportunity called Beyond Organic, where you can have grassfed beef, raw cheeses, probiotic chocolate and more, delivered right to your door. You can not only enjoy these healthy food and beverages, you can also build a business as a mission marketer and help spread the word about how organic food can change your health and your life.

The Maker's Diet for Weight Loss: 16-week strategy for burning fat, cleansing toxins, and living a healthier life!I've used Rubin's Garden of Life products and read some of his books, so when I heard about his new Beyond Organic opportunity, I immediately signed up as an independent mission marketer. The company won't launch until November 1, 2011, but now is the time to get on board and be one of the first to be part of this organic business opportunity.

Besides building a business, you can also have the Beyond Organic products to enjoy yourself. You will no longer have to search for a place to buy grassfed beef or raw cheeses.With these new products, Jordan Rubin is offering a higher standard for grassfed beef than the USDA Organic product designation.

Garden of Life - RAW Meal, 2.6lb tubRight now, you can sign up for free just to receive info about the Beyond Organic launch. If you like what you read about this new organic opportunity, you can sign up as an Independent Mission Marketer. Once you are an Independent Mission Marketer, you can purchase the Founder's Package and start enjoying these organic products and start spreading the word on the Beyond Organic products, including the grassfed beef and raw cheese.

The Beyond Organic Founder's Package includes:
  • REIGN ™ - Supreme Mountain Spring Water (1 Case of 24)
  • REIGN ™ - Awaken (12 Pack)
  • REIGN ™ - Veggie (12 Pack)
  • REIGN ™ - Fruit (12 Pack)
  • SueroViv - Citrus (12 pack)
  • SueroViv - Berry (12 pack)
  • SueroViv - Ginger (12 pack)
  • Beyond Organic Chocolate (2 Cases of 12)
  • Amasai Variety Pack (6 Pack)
  • Beyond Organic Raw Cheddar 3 Pack – 1 lb. each
  • Beyond Organic Raw Havarti cheese 1 lb.
  • Beyond Organic GreenFed™ Ground Beef 3 Pack – 1 lb. each
  • Beyond Organic GreenFed™ Beef Hot Dogs 2 Pack – 12oz. each

This listing also gives you an idea of the wonderful products that will be available to improve your family's health.

If you'd like to enjoy more grassfed beef, raw cheese and other healthy organic products for your family at an economical price, help spread the word about the importance of eating organic, and build a business that contributes to the health of those around you, check out Beyond Organic, sign up for the newsletter and learn more about this important new organic business opportunity.

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